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100 Litre Grease Trap Stainless Steel GT26

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Do you require a 100+ litre Grease Trap?  Made from catering grade 304 stainless steel this generously sized commercial Grease Trap accommodates up to 3 commercial sink bowls draining simultaneously and satisfies the requirement for those requiring a minimum 100 litre capacity grease trap.  The ideal solution to helping prevent unwanted fats, oils and grease (FOG) build up in your drains a well maintained grease trap ensures free-flow of waste water with no back up.

Suitable for up to 3 sink bowls or for establishments producing 150-200 meals per day, this manual Grease Trap runs entirely using the flow of water and internal directional baffles channels the water allowing fats, oils and grease to cool and separate which rises to the surface and stays within the trap allowing safe waste water to continue and exit via the outlet.  This is a cost effective alternative to mains powered Grease Removal Units and available for next working day delivery as standard! 

***SUMMER SALE Was £359, now just £299 + vat, delivered!***


18 in stock


100 Litre Grease Trap 

Do you require a minimum 100 litre grease trap?  Cater Kitchen believes Grease Management is very important and our largest capacity 110 litre Grease Trap made from 304 grade stainless steel can be a vital part of keeping drains flowing freely all whilst being very cost effective.  

We are proud to offer four sizes of gravity-fed, passive grease traps made from high quality catering grade stainless steel which are excellent value.  Our grease traps are ‘powered’ entirely by the flow of waste water and do not require a power source meaning they are less expensive to purchase, less expensive to run and much more flexibly located.

Cater Kitchen’s commercial grease trap separators actively channel waste water around the trap using a number of internal baffles to cool and separate FOG’s. Choosing an appropriately sized trap enables your sink to run freely without backing up and meaning the grease capture process works optimally.

100 Litre Grease Trap Specification

  • 304 catering grade stainless steel
  • Satisfies requirement for a minimum 100 litre Grease Trap
  • 110 Litre Capacity
  • Flow Rate (Litres Per Minute) 119
  • 50mm (2”) Inlet/Outlet.
  • 26kg Grease Capacity
  • Suitable for 3 standard sink bowls
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Minimise Drain Cleaning Call-Out Charges
  • Improved Wastewater Discharge Quality
  • Air Tight Seal – Eliminate Unwanted Odours
  • Corrosion Free Construction
  • Uses Standard Multi-fit Connections
  • Model SKU: GT26
  • Size 860 x 450 x 325mm (w x l x h)
  • Inlet / Outlet Size (mm) 50
  • Grease Capacity (kg) 26
  • Capacity to Inlet Outlet (L) 110
  • Meals Per Day: 150-200

100ltr Grease Trap Specification

Designed and supported in the United Kingdom we’ve made regular draining super easy by including a red syphon valve at the side towards the top of the trap to easily run off fats, oils and grease within seconds!  This fortnightly recommendation ensures your trap flows freely, and in addition, we have incorporated two lower drain valves at either end that can be used to totally drain the trap for scheduled deep cleans. 

Dispatching next working day this Grease Trap complies with BS EN 1825-1:2004 and designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-2:2002 and is supported by a five year manufacturer defect warranty.


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