From the smallest of food outlets to the largest of Restaurant chains, Commercial Refrigeration is a vital element to any catering business.

Whether your premises requires a small under counter fridge to store simple beverage ingredients or a bespoke walk-in fridge-freezer allowing maximum and flexible storage for a thriving, city centre restaurant – we cater for all kitchen requirements.

Having excellent relationships with leading refrigeration manufacturers such as Polar, Foster, Williams, TRUE, Interlevin, Gamko, Gram and PRODIS, we are able to bring you the latest commercial refrigeration offers for your food and drinks produce at the lowest online prices.

Our most popular refrigeration lines include Back Bar Bottle Cooler Fridges aimed to showcase branded bottled drinks in glass door fridges to maximise your advertising of stocked drinks, all whilst being chilled at digitally controlled temperatures ready to serve.

Supporting pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, we also offer huge discounts on class-leading Ice Machines.  From brands such as Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Brema, Polar, Ice-O-Matic, Whirlpool, Foster and Maidaid, we can cater for any budget, production capacity, and most importanty, type of ice required.  Starting from countertop, manual fill machines suitable for home bar use, to over 500kgs per 24 hours suitable for large footfall environments such as airports, hospitals, nightclubs and bars, we support the busiest of commercial catering establishments.

Unlike many suppliers, we won’t just sell you a machine based solely on production without checking it’s right for your requirements. It’s key for us to understand what drinks you sell and therefore what type of ice cube is right for your business.  From pure hard cube, slow melt ice perfect for keeping spirits cold but minimising dilution, to flaker ice designed for flamboyant cocktails, we bring a wealth of knowledge, best brands and the lowest prices.

What is just as important when choosing the type and brand of fridge, is choosing the right one for the produce you plan to store.  This is why we offer specialist Meat and Fish Fridges which require being stored at different temperatures to general produce.  For those establishments which require food chilling straight from the oven, we’ve sourced the latest Blast Chillers from leading brands such as Foster, Polar and Interlevin.  In addition, to maximise space in commercial kitchens, Chef Base Fridges are becoming more popular – traditionally, cooking appliances and refrigeration are kept far apart in order to ensure high ambient temperatures don’t affect fridge performance, however, Chef Base units are insulated to allow low down cold storage, usually in the form of single or double drawers, whilst simultaneously accommodating cooking equipment such Chargrills, Fryers or Griddles on top.  This is a vital space-saver for any size kitchen and we bring you the leading brand offerings such as Adande, Polar, Foster and TRUE.

As any commercial kitchen knows, reliable storage refrigeration is key to ensuring minimal food wastage and therefore lowering costs.  That is why we bring you the latest offers on Chest Freezers, Counter Fridge and Freezers as well as Upright Refrigeration and large Walk-in Fridge and Freezer Cold Rooms.  Our world-renowned brands are UK stocked and often available on a next working day delivery.  Backed directly by manufacturers, we recognise refrigeration has to ultra reliable and work continuously, that is why we offer up to 5 years comprehensive warranty at no extra cost to ensure your piece of mind when investing in your commercial refrigeration.

Beyond the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester, we support bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants throughout the North West who require reliable commercial refrigeration and offer one of the largest ranges for Chef’s and Professional Caterers to choose from.

If the highest quality, premium commercial refrigeration is the most important factor but wish to balance the cost, working with manufacturers, we offer you the additional benefit of 0% interest free finance on selected brands such Foster and Gamko.  This enables you to benefit from world class premium refrigeration performance and minimal monthly outlay – completely interest free, enabling you to use your cash flow for other business needs and have your refrigeration pay for itself throughout the first year of it’s life.


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