Victorinox Fully Forged Slicing Knife Pointed Tip Black 20cm

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Product Code: DR502
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The fully forged Victorinox slicing knife is a tool best known for its ability to perform the smooth cutting action required for preparing sushi, sashimi, and breaking down large fish as well as slicing cook meats.
The 20cm knife has a pointed black tip, tapering evenly towards the cutting edge to help retain its shape for longer, meaning it will need sharpening less often than other knives.
Within a set of chef's knives, this slicing knife will save you the most time when it comes to preparing large cuts of meat and fish, thanks to its long, slender shape and premium riveted bolster.
• Product features
• Dimensions 7.9(L)
• Material Stainless Steel
• Weight 20.6g
• High cutting edge retention
• Blade tapers evenly toward cutting edge
• Bolster provides a smooth transition from the blade to handle and improves control
• Ergonomically shaped handle
• Rivets pass through steel and handle for exceptionally stable connection
• Perfectly calculated balance for easy, comfortable use
• Age Restricted Product 18 years +