Victorinox Fully Forged Boning Knife Black 15cm

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Product Code: DR506
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Amateur cooks and professional chefs alike are impressed by the perfect balance of this boning knife from Victorinox, featuring a narrow tip designed to get as close to the bone as possible when slicing through meat and fish.
The knife is forged from a single piece of steel and benefits from a seamless transition from blade to handle, offering balance, control and precision when performing intricate work.
The exceptional quality and timeless elegance are what make forged knives so special.
• Product features
• Dimensions 5.9(L)
• Material Stainless Steel
• Weight 176g
• High cutting edge retention
• Blade tapers evenly toward cutting edge
• Bolster provides a smooth transition from the blade to handle and improves control
• Ergonomically shaped handle
• Rivets pass through steel and handle for exceptionally stable connection
• Perfectly calculated balance for easy, comfortable use
• Age Restricted Product 18 years +