Tellier Triturator Sieve 3mm

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Product Code: J189
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Incredibly practical, functional and reliable, the Tellier Triturator 3mm sieve is an essential item for those looking to vary their puree recipes.
Crafted from a hardwearing and durable material, the sieve is ideal for constant use within any busy kitchen environment, giving you excellent results for longer.
The 3mm sized holes on this sieve allows you to produce thicker purees with your fruits and vegetables, ideal for recipes such as relishes.
This tool is also ideal to have alongside other sieves from the range, saving you time if you have multiple purees to make.
• Product features
• Weight 750g
• Ideal for when you have multiple purees to make and process with little time to spare
• Sturdy, hardwearing and durable
• For use with the Tellier triturator (J415)
• Hole size: 3mm