Sirman Dough Mixer 20Ltr

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Product Code: CE059
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The Sirman Dough Mixer is ideal for the mixing of soft doughs for pizza bases, breads and buns and is thus ideal for use in pizzerias, patisseries and smaller bakeries.
Featuring a highly efficient motor with a lubricated great box, this mixer also comes with a range of attachments, including a forged spiral dough hook, dough divider, and brushed stainless steel mixing bowl.
Its sturdy C40 steel construction is not only highly robust, but thanks to its scratch resistant powder coating, is also effortless to clean and guaranteed to keep well over the years.
• Product features
• Capacity 21 Ltr
• Dimensions 590(H) x 380(W) x 680(D)mm
• Material Steel and stainless steel
• Power Type 750W.
• Speed Spiral hook: 85 rpm.
Bowl: 10 rpm
• Supplier Model Number Hercules 20
• Voltage 230V
• Weight 65kg
• Made from C40 steel with a scratch resistant powder coating
• Bowl, kneader and shaft are all made from stainless steel
• Supplied with a forged spiral dough hook, dough divider and stainless steel mixing bowl
• Safety microswitch protected safety guard
• Ideal for soft doughs such as pizza bases and bread
• High efficiency motor with lubricated gear box
• Timer range: 0 - 30 minutes
• IP rating: IP67
• Please note this item exceeds 30kg and as such our carrier may require assistance at point of delivery
• Useful Documents
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