Nemox Gelato 4K Touch Screen Ice Cream Maker FPMX0488

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Product Code: CM769
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Working on fully automatic functionality, the Nemox Gelato Ice Cream Maker makes the dessert to your requested density before automatically maintaining it at the same consistency.
This makes this commercial ice cream machine a valuable asset for pre-preparing your desserts before the hectic period, giving you the reassurance that your ice cream will be perfect when it is needed.
On the other hand at optimum output this appliance can produce up to 5.6 litres of quality gelato per hour, making it a versatile tool for either high output production or as an ideal storage unit.
The interior bowl that houses the gelato as well as the blade scrapers can be removed for easier cleaning, whilst the square compact frame of the machine means it can operate comfortably in the busiest of kitchens.
• Product features
• Capacity 2.5Ltr
• Dimensions 300(H) x 415(W) x 415(D)mm
• Output 5.6Ltr/hr
• Power Type 220-240v, 400W
• Speed 63RPM
• Supplier Model Number FPMX0488
• Voltage 220-240V
• Weight 25kg
• The touch of just one switch will start a fully automatic production and storage process
• The automatic storage process keeps ice cream at the perfect consistency for service
• Batch of ice cream can be produced in as little as 12 minutes
• Options to produce both hard and soft ice cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt or granita
• The removable stainless steel bowl ensures easy cleaning
• The mixing blade is made from stainless steel to ensure hygiene and strength
• 1 Year onsite warranty within the UK
• Density control switch ensures machine stops when the production has reached the correct density
• Density control switch also stops machine damaging itself if mixing blades become obstructed
• Automatic stop when lid is lifted to avoid danger to user
• All new machines supplied with starter kit of ingredients for new users to practice recipes
• Maximum Ingredients Capacity: 1.00Kg / 1.4Ltr (important not to exceed)