JM Posner Chocolate Melter

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Product Code: DK847
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Control the exact holding temperature of your chocolate with this specifically tailored chocolate melter from JM Posner.
Heat is generated by an electrical pad in the interior which is then controlled by a manual thermostat on the device, meaning you can tailor the temperature to the type of chocolate you are using.
Useful for the support of other appliances such as chocolate fountains, this unit could also be used as a source for your dessert toppings or in the preparation of other sweet dishes.
• Product features
• Capacity 1.5 litre
• Dimensions 134(H) x 230(W) x 260(D)mm
• Material Plastic and stainless steel
• Power Type 80W, 230V, 0.36A
• Supplier Model Number CHOCMELT-1.5L
• Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
• Voltage 230V
• Weight 3kg
• Temperature is controlled by an internal thermostat
• Does not need water to hold the desired temperature
• Contents: Resistant plastic support, a removable stainless steel container and lid
• 10 mins heat up time
• Gentle heating method ensures chocolate does not cook to the side of the container
• 10min heat up time
• Instruction manual included