Hoshizaki Air-Cooled Trickle Down Crescent Ice Maker KM-50A

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Product Code: CC764
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Simple machine with fewer moving parts than standard machines which means there's less to go wrong and it's easier to clean.
Produces high quality ice blocks with low water and energy consumption compared to similar output machines.
Foam injected insulation and longer lasting stainless steel evaporator.
• Please be aware that this product unfortunately cannot be returned under the 30 days offer as unwanted.
This is due to the potential risk for transit damage and the high cost of testing after return.
• Product features
• Capacity 23kg
• Dimensions 840(H) x 603(W) x 610(D)mm
• Power Type 330W, 1.44A, 230v/50Hz/1 Phase
• Refrigerant R134a
• Supplier Model Number KM-50A
• Voltage 230V
• Warranty 2 Years On-Site Parts & Labour
• Weight 46kg
• Output: up to 52kg/24hr (crescent ice: 30 x 37 x 13 mm)
• Self contained unit with built-in 23kg storage bin
• Crescent ice moves freely and packs together tightly without sticking together, therefore maximising the storage bin capacity
• Crescent ice suits diverse applications (splash free post serving of drinks, fish transportation/display, laser therapy and more)
• Double-sided stainless steel evaporator fills bin in fewer cycles, thereby reducing energy consumption
• Trickle down system produces clear ice by using gravity to remove impurities and allowing only purest molecules to freeze on evaporator
• Easy to clean frontal air filter allows users to carry out routine cleaning for extended longevity and reduced maintenance call-outs
• EverCheck' control board with audible alarm and diagnostic features, designed for easy use/maintenance/servicing
• Gravity drain (if pump is required, please add both CF556 & CF557 to your order)