Foster 60Kg Roll-In Blast Chiller Integral Cabinet RBC20-60

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Product Code: GJ186
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A revolution in technology, the Foster RBC20-60 roll-in blast chiller provides the commercial caterer a valuable addition to their kitchen, which not only helps to comply with food safety regulations but also helps reduce food waste and preserve food quality.
Featuring the incredibly user-friendly Surf Navigation control panel, temperature selection is easy and fuss-free.
The blast chiller can accommodate most standard combi trolleys, including the popular Rational 20 rack 201, so it's both high capacity and fits perfectly into existing commercial kitchen setups.
With the ability to easily exceed UK and European food safety legislation, the Foster RBC20 blast chiller is capable of reducing 20 full sized (1/1) gastronorm containers from +70C to +3C in just 90 minutes.
• Product features
• Capacity 60kg
• Dimensions 2187(H) x 980(W) x 862(D)mm
• Dimensions - insulation 60mm
• Material Stainless Steel
• Refrigerant R404a
• Supplier Model Number RBC20-60 (Int)
• Temperature Range 90°C to 3°C
• Voltage 400V/50Hz/3 Phase/3.4A
• Weight 281kg
• Suitable for Rational 201 trolleys for quick loading
• 60Kg chilling capacity from +90°C to +3° C in less than 90 mins
• Flexible probe-controlled or timed chilling programmes for consistent results
• Foster Circulair for uniform chilling with 'Automatic Surface Protection' against frost burn & wind chill damage
• Easy 'Surf Navigation' menu driven dial lets you simply turn to select the programme and push to start
• Automatic hold mode activated when programme ends to store food until needed (signalled by audible alarm)
• Robust 304 stainless steel construction
• Four 150mm legs
• Coated coil - stops corrosion and prolongs refrigeration system life
• Heavy duty easy grip door handle
• Hard wearing, long life silicon gasket accommodates high in-going trolley temperatures
• For ventilation and service access ensure 400mm minimum clearance is allowed above the unit, Drain: 1 ¿ BSP to drain outlet