Edlund RMD-1000 Mechanical Scale

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Product Code: CY165
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The NSF certified RMD-1000 mechanical scale from Edland is manufactured to operate in the harshest foodservice environments.
High temperature, humidity, steam and airborne grease normally disturb the accuracy of a scale, which is this mechanial scale is built to resist the elements.
air dashpot for instant reading.
Oversized stainless steel platforms, stainless steel springs and mechanisms make this scale dishwasher safe and guarantee a longer life.
The Four Star Series provides a larger dial face for more finite readings.
• Product features
• Dimensions 241.3(H) x 241.3(W) x 228.6(D) mm
• Dishwasher safe, no need to disassemble
• Stainless steel springs, mechanisms & all stainless steel housing
• Oversized platform
• Field re-calibratable: kitchen staff can recalibrate on the fly without sending back to supplier
• Rustproof