Dynamic SMX Blender 700 Turbo MX040T

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Product Code: DS551
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Easy to use and clean, the Dynamic SMX 700 Turbo blender has been specifically designed in France to save time and effort in the production of large quantities of food.
Able to process up to 250 litres of ingredients, the SMX blender features an incredibly durable 1kW motor, detachable shaft and ultra strong titanium coated blades, meaning blending, puréeing, mixing and emulsifying is made fast and easy.
Perfect for busy restaurants or mass catering establishments.
• Product features
• Dimensions 870(H) x 245(W) x 125(D)mm
• Speed 9500rpm
• Supplier Model Number MX040T
• Voltage 230V
• Weight 6.5kg
• Removable Mixer Attachment
• Mixer Tube Length of 60cm
• Ideally Placed Within the SMX Range
• Capacity from 75 to 250Ltr
• 9500 RPM