De Buyer Chocinduction Non Stick Cast Aluminium Induction Frying Pan 200mm

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Product Code: DN890
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The De Buyer Chocinduction Non Stick Cast Aluminium Frying Pan is perfect for cooking, reheating and warming delicate foods such as fish, with uniform heat distribution for superior cooking results.
The cast aluminium construction allows the pan to retain high levels of heat, making it ideal for long cooking.
With high resistance to heat and scratches the pan is well suited to use in busy commercial kitchens, retaining its high quality finish time after time.
A ventilated, stainless steel handle keeps hands cool and safe from heat.
• Product features
• Capacity 800ml
• Dimensions 45(H) x 200(Ø)mm
• Material Aluminium
• Weight 0.8kg
• The very thick aluminium allows for rapid and even distribution of the heat, both on the bottom and the sides, without overheating at any point.
• The extra strong, epoxy coated stainless steel handles are fixed by extremely robust rivets.
• To ensure the cookware retains all of its properties, do not heat over 250C.
• Suitable for all heat sources, including induction.
• Not dishwasher safe