Classeq Conveyor Dishwasher and Dryer CST 130D

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Product Code: CN149
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If looking for the largest industrial dishwasher to handle exceptionally high demand such as in canteens and large restaurants, then the Classeq CST 130D is as comprehensive as they come.
By simply inserting fresh racks the machine automatically feeds, rinses and dries your crockery in a matter of seconds leaving you with a completely self sufficient and streamlined cleaning process that can handle hundreds of customers an hour.
Exceptionally easy to operate and to train others to use, the dishwasher boasts economy features such as an automatic standby mode to cut back on operating costs during downtime.
• Product features
• Capacity 18 plates per rack / 130 racks/hr
• Dimensions 1765(H) x 1996(W) x 820(D)mm
• Material 304 Stainless Steel
• Output 2340 plates/hr
• Supplier Model Number CST 130D
• Temperature Range 55°C - 85°C
• Voltage 415V
• Weight 230kg
• Water board approved Type A air gap
• Easy to operate - simplistic single button controls and automatic rack feed sensors
• Easy to train staff on how to use - less operator errors
• Automatic standby mode - The CST features a rack controlled autotimer which reduces power consumption when not in use
• Rinse economiser - reduces the rinse temperature when in standby mode
• Easy to Access - unique side opening hinged steel door
• Easy to clean - with full access to inside of machine and easily removable components
• Reversible direction option - machine can be adapted to perform in either direction
• Self-draining wash pump to ensure that water is not left in the pump to go stagnant
• 2340 plates / 130 baskets per hour
• Useful Documents
• The following documents are available for viewing and download
• Download Spec Sheet
• Download User Manual
• Download Exploded Diagram