Bourgeat Knife Sterilising Cabinet

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Product Code: CC302
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Food poisoning outbreaks are a constant threat to the catering industry, so help prevent them by reducing cross-contamination from knives.
This knife sterilising cabinet by Bourgeat (which can hold up to 20 knives) can help you do this, as it's cost effective, energy efficient, easy to use and effective against most bacteria including E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.
• Product features
• Capacity 20 Knives
• Dimensions 735(H)x 585(W)x 120(D)mm
• Power Type Single phase, 25W/ 230V/ 50Hz
• Voltage 230V
• Weight 1.5 kg
• Kills 99.9% of potential food poisoning bacteria
• Holds 15-20 Knives
• Timer from 0-2 hours
• Will sterilise up to 20 knives in just 90 minutes
• Wall mounted stainless steel unit
• Lockable
• Features a chamfered top to prevent dirt traps
• Useful Documents
• The following documents are available for viewing and download
• Download User Manual
• Download Exploded Diagram