Bonzer PressDome Classic Vacuum Plate Cover Low 190mm

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Product Code: GJ528
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PressDome® vacuum seal domes are available in a variety of universal diameters and heights to suit all kinds of plates.
Their one touch airtight seal makes them perfect for vacuum sealing directly to dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls or platters.
These domes will allow you to prep salads, meals and desserts well in advance and vacuum seal in the freshness.
They will even keep hot meals warmer for longer allowing you to get it to the customer at the correct temperature.
• Product features
• Dimensions 52.5(H) x 190(Ø)mm
• Material BPA-free polypropylene
• Supplier Model Number FDSF0586
• 100% airtight seal and leak proof
• High quality polypropylene (BPA free)
• Vacuum seal with just one press
• Keep meals warmer and fresher for longer
• Stackable for compact storage
• Durability tested for 20,000 pumps
• Microwave and dishwasher safe