Bare Infrared Quartz Heat Bulb 118mm 200W

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Product Code: GH986
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Infrared lamps are low pressure tungsten halogen heat lamps, a reliable way of generating heat for catering and other industrial applications.
They heat the object in the path of the energy using direct radiation, and provide this instantly with no warm up time.
This 200W bare IR Quartz bulb is easy to change and provides a long life of 5000 hours.
118mm Length.
• Product features
• Dimensions 3(W)x 118(L)mm
• Voltage 240V
• Push in
• Instant Heat
• Universally compatible
• Infrared lamp keeps food warm on food pass
• 5000 hours life
• R7 Fitting
• Useful Documents
• The following documents are available for viewing and download
• Download User Manual