Bakeflon High Speed Oven Crisper Basket Small 18x28cm

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Product Code: CN847
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This small Bakeflon high speed oven crisper basket is lightweight and durable - perfect for use in busy commercial kitchens as it's easy to handle and can last up to 2000 uses.
The Teflon non-stick coating makes it easy to remove cooked foods and clean after use to save time.
The mesh structure allows you to achieve a crispy texture on pizza and pastry bases, and on chips, by allowing moisture to escape.
• Product features
• Dimensions 180(W) x 280(D)mm
• Weight 55g
• Teflon non-stick coating
• Can be used up to 2000 times
• Easy to clean
• No fats, wax or sprays are needed
• Extremely lightweight, so easy to handle