AraveN 1/3 GN Silicone Gastronorm Food Container 4L

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Product Code: CM780
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The Araven Silicone Gastronorm 4L Food Container is perfect for storing your allergenic foods safely and securely.
The tub can be stored in temperatures from -40¿ to +250¿ which allows you to preserve foods for longer as well as cook or reheat them.
The silicone container has a permanent sticker on it that allows you to easily and quickly identify the contents of each container.
• Product features
• Capacity 4Ltr
• Material Silicone
• Resists extreme temperature 250¿ down to -40¿
• Non-stick
• Easy to clean
• Stackable
• Ergonomic
• Transparent
• Does not deform
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• Compliant with all European regulations regarding materials and objects intended for food contact
• NSF certified, they are therefore on the NSF lists of products.