Undercounter Glasswashers

Did you know?  Commercial Glasswashers offer a better investment over the life cycle of the machine than staff washing by hand.  Of course, it's also much quicker too.  Crucially, Commercial Glasswashers offer a more consistent set of results.  This works by re-circulating hot water and detergent around the wash tank at high speed and your glasses are then rinsed with hot, fresh water.  Due to the heat generated and use of rinse aid, this reduces and often eliminates the need for manual drying - again saving you time and money.
Cater Kitchen offer a wide range of Commercial Undercounter Glasswashers, with basket sizes of 350mm, 400mm, 450mm and 500mm to choose from, each offering increased capacities of plates, we are confident we can supply Glasswashers to fit the busiest of kitchen environments. 
In addition, we can talk you through the differences in models and brands and clearly advise what external dimensions, holding capacities, various features, warranty terms and delivery lead times are available on each machine.  This will ensure you do not over or under specify for your needs and get the right machine at the best possible price. 
We understand purchasing a Commercial Glasswasher is a significant investment so we are on hand to talk through your options and offer you guidance on finance and brand placement within the market - whether that be brands such as PRODIS who offer a practical yet economical entry level option to Commercial Warewashing or historically renowned brands associated with the highest build quality and cutting edge power and water efficiency such as Classeq, Maidaid and Hobart. 
Whilst prices of top brand Glasswashers may sometimes seem expensive, if you are looking to make a long term investment in to your business and reduce water and electricity bills substantially, we definitely recommend considering brands who focus on this in their research and development. 
Our most efficent glasswasher uses just 1.9ltrs of water per cycle!  If you would like further information on the most water saving machines, just ask!
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