Stick Blenders

Our Commercial Stick Blenders are the flexible, must-have appliances in all commercial kitchens.  With a plethora of uses from preparing Yorkshire pudding mix, blending, whisking and emulsifying, we offer the industry leading brands such as Waring, Dynamic, Fimar and Robot Coupe who are relied upon by Chef's up and and down the country, day in day out. 

Also known as Hand or Immersion Blenders, Cater Kitchen offer you Commercial Blenders in a range of power grades and shaft lengths - from small, light duty models to large, ultra heavy duty units with extremely powerful motors. These portable, lightweight appliances can be used directly 'at the pot' meaning you can blend, mix and aerate faster. 

To add maximum portability, we also offer cordless blenders which combined with numerous attachment options further expand your blenders versatility.  Whether you require a small, occasional use blender or have a requirement for large, frequent blending, we supply heavy duty stick blenders capable of long term, daily use and offer a huge range to choose from with nearly all arriving next working day as standard. 

Supported by full direct manufacturer warranties, your Stick Blender is sure to be one of the most valuable appliances in your commercial kitchen. 


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